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Category: Brain Health

Increase Addictions Recovery Potential by 400%

September 20, 2018
Brain Health

I was drawn to Neurofeedback by the demonstrated research that adding Neurofeedback to any treatment program increases sobriety and recovery rates by up to 400%.  That was several years ago, and I’m more convinced, now than ever, that every recovering addict has a better 4 times better chances at being sober, 1-year and 10-years after […]

An Alternative Addiction Paradigm

September 19, 2018
Brain Health

I started in the addictions field over 25 years ago, and from the very beginning recognized that those with addictions, and usually their families as well, has something out-of-wack in their thinking that kept them locked in.  Almost all treatment models recognize that, in the medical model.  Some even recognize, as do I, that something […]

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