Food for thought.


Our approach to health is based on Brain training, physical exercise and correct nutrition.

There are two realms of emotion- physical and mental- in very cell of our body. "Emotions are at the nexus between matter and mind" ( by Dr. Pert States " Molecules of Emotion").

Our immune system directly effects stress and quality of life, and we know that the food we eat is the only source of nutrition our body has to work with to nourish and rebuild our cells. Nutrients influence mind, mood, memory and behavior however  most of our diet today is energy dense but nutrient poor, Nutrition and Amino acid deficiencies may cause changes in mood and  behavior. 

All nutrients work together as an orchestra would, no nutrient works alone. Adequate vitamin and mineral intake from food sources and supplements promote optimum brain neurotransmitter production.

The question is : What nutrient or food supplement should be used? Ask us for your list of individual needs.

Selenium or Ascorbic acid are natural anti-depressants we can get from food but we do need the whole panoply of nutrients to work together efficiently everyday.  Therefore, it is essential to supplement our diet with specific vitamins for brain nutrition, such as the Melaleuca Brain-Health formula.

Our Gut Feeling.

Our individual body chemistry requires specific nutritional demands during period of emotional stress, the microbial culture present in our gut reflects our living habits, diet or emotional patterns and there's a correlation between our diet and the health of our brain when we know that 90% of Serotonin, for healthy mood and execution function, is produced in our gut ! The vagus nerve is an information superhighway connecting the brain to the gut.

There are species from gut microbiome that suck on sugar to induce inflammations and others that graze on prebiotic fiber to produce chemicals such as butyrate which directly stimulate endocrine cells to make Serotonin, promote neuroplasticity and performance, a key to our health span. Friend or foe, they depend on our diet, what we eat is what we get!

By eating right, we protect our brains with what's in our guts.

Our nutritional approach as opposed to medical approach, emphasizes on dual therapy , food and exercise, to heal body and mind.