Alastair Addie
Alastair Addie
23:21 10 Feb 20
I am a former Army medic with three combat tours. I was medically discharged and went through the traditional forms of... mental health care. When those didn't seem to be working I started to use alcohol in heavy amounts to "numb" what I was going through. The alcohol use got out of control and I ended out spending a week in a coma. The VA again took care of me medically and ensured my physical condition improved. But I could tell something was missing from my mental health care. The only answer from my physicians when times were rough were to adjust or add to the dosing of my medications. This was extremely frustrating. I wanted to take less pills, not more. A family friend recommend I look up something called Neurofeedback, and that I get in touch with Dr. Don Posson. I honestly don't know what I would have done if I hadn't found him when I did. I was completely skeptical at first. I didn't believe him when he told me he could help me "train my brain" in order to address my symptoms. Even as I underwent my first few sessions I still wasn't sure. It will be hard to explain, but slowly life seemed to feel a little bit easier, my problems didn't seem so daunting and unmanageable, I started to actually "feel better." Under Dr. Don's care not only have my symptoms gotten better, but I have been able to DECREASE the amount of medication I take daily. Its also been two years now since I had anything to drink.The Neurofeedback he provides has truly changed my life and is a true game changer. As a patient I wish I had found this care sooner. As a former medic, I wish this had been available for our service members. I'm really interested in the science behind it though, and as my journey continues towards becoming a mental health professional myself, I am certain that I will integrate this into my approachread more
Karen Stevens
Karen Stevens
22:27 07 Feb 20
Neurofeedback works, and the Las Vegas Neurofeedback Center made being able to take advantage of this wonderful... technology easy for me. I had been on a lifelong journey to find the key to freeing myself from behaviors that I knew were not working in my best interest. No matter what I tried, and I tried many modalities, I couldn't shake issues that had been troubling me for years. After 28 sessions with neurofeedback, I felt l back to being at my best! A truly remarkable experience! I'm glad I did this and I highly recommend Dr. Don Posson and neurofeedback for more
Jahaira F
Jahaira F
13:08 04 Feb 20
Neuro Feedback is changing my life. Thank you Dr. Don Posson for bringing this incredible technology to the Las Vegas... Veteran Community. It's that subtle growth & progress that you don't notice until it's just so obvious that you can't not notice it. These moments of clarity & being in the present moment give me hope, hope for a better life, hope for a healthier life & hope that I can be & feel like a "normal" or functioning human being. When dealing with PTSD, trauma & the manifestations of all that, in the brain & body, sometimes it's impossible to see or think clearly, impossible to see a future of happiness... Usually everything is dark & dreary clouded with anger, resentment & pain..... The future is starting to look so much brighter & happier like a fog is lifting. I hope that the Neuro feedback continues to work it's magic with my brain. Thank you again Brain Health Warriors. I don't think enough people know what a huge impact this is. 22 Warriors Foundation a huge part of this as well! Bill Emmel, M.S OL, NVA You guys are making it possible for veterans to receive this treatment at our convenience! Thank you both for your incredible generosity & leadership. #mindfulness #healing #trauma #mentalhealth #neurofeedback #brainhealthwarriors #ptsdawarenessread more
Champion Seal
Champion Seal
22:44 29 Dec 19
Few months going to Dr. Don and have a great result. Dr. Don is the best in this field, he is very knowledgeable and... explained every thing. He is the best. He is very kind and friendly. Highly recommended more
01:17 10 Dec 19
I highly recommend the Brain Paint program and working with Dr. Don. He is extremely knowledgable and takes the time to... discuss the issues and concerns you have about how your brain is functioning. As a Veteran working through depression and other neurological issues due to prolonged illness, this had the most dramatic impact on my brain health out of all other options I have tried. I highly recommend this method over more
Robert Stuckey
Robert Stuckey
22:54 22 Feb 19
Dr Don is a pioneer in the field of neurofeedback and one of the few fully credentialed in Las Vegas. His treatment... protocols are affordable and highly effective. He teaches as a college professor. His DNF (direct neurofeedback) treatments were the only answer and effective alternative to psychiatrists and psychotropic medications. See no reason he was given any bad reviews. Definitely worth a visit and evaluation. Our experience with him has spanned the past year and we can give nothing but the highest more
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Before I came, I dealt

Before I came, I dealt with a high level of anxiety, migraines, sleepless nights, confusion, and depression. I struggle with focusing on doing simple task which added to my frustration and anxiety.
I met with Don and he examined me to find the best program that will fit to my needs. In the first couple of weeks I started noticing a difference. I was able to converse with others without wanting to run away! My brain wasn’t as foggy like before and I was able to understand why I was feeling sad and depressed…or at least break down some walls. At 1st I was confused and worried about the results and didn’t know what to expect and what I was looking at one the screen. Over time I adjusted and was able to relax a little bit more. One thing I loved was when I the lights were turned off and I was able to focus on my feelings and thoughts! Unfortunately I was not able to finish due to insurance complications but it was one of the best decision I made to be apart of the neurofeedback fam!! It gave me a jump start to recovery!! Hope everyone who comes has the same experience as me or even better!

Changed My Life

Neurofeedback by Dr. Don Posson works!! It cleaned the cluster in my head, helps me focus, sleep better and get up in the morning refreshed ,staying away from depression. He described brain issues in terms of over-arousal, under- arousal and instability and sure enough, my brainwaves have been trained to improve on many levels. I have seen other clients with TBI, PTSD, and bi- polar issues recount their experiences how they improve greatly with this brain training too.

Thank you

I wish I had met Dr. Posson and Ariana years ago. The science behind it is fascinating, and you can see how your brain is adapting and changing while having a treatment. So many misdiagnosis and over prescribed medications over the years that just made things worse.
We can finally see a light at the end of the tunnel…..I recommend it for anyone that suffers from Anxiety, Bi-polar, Migraines, Trauma, Addictions, Insomnia, Brain Injury and Post traumatic Stress. Call and talk to the Doctor. Learn more by going to the website.

Trained my Brain, Changed My Life

I was a confident, strong independent lady and not afraid to do anything. Then, I sustained many injuries in an auto accident. Traumatic brain injury, PTSD, nocturnal panic disorder, cyclic vomiting disorder, anxiety, depression. I was unable to comfortably leave my home. The sound of a horn, sirens, clapping, loud music or a baby crying…..I was done!! I was lost!! Literally! I was unable to leave the house without suffering a great deal of anxiety and getting sick. Unable to drive…at night~~not an option. Horrible headaches. The list of traumatic events is long.

Since receiving treatment with Dr. Don, I am able to drive (and so happy that I don’t have to be home before dark)! My headaches are not as frequent or intense. I don’t suffer a panic attack at the sight of an auto accident or sirens. Nightmares that occurred every night are not as frequent. The number of issues that have been resolved are incredible.

DR. DON AT THE LAS VEGAS NEURO CENTER is kind, caring, knowledgeable and is passionate about helping veterans.

Trained his brain, changed our life

I brought my 11 year old son here for Neurofeedback to help with his ADD. He received 30 treatments and is doing much better. He was able to discontinue his ADD medication that he had taken for 6 years. He still has ADD moments but is continually trying his best to focus and to recognize when he needs to settle his mind. I believe as he matures and develops he will have even more coping skills. The Neurofeedback helped him on his journey. Also, Dr Posson (Dr Don) is a wealth of useful information! I could talk to him all day. My life and my son’s life have changed for the better having met him!!


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