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Modern psychology clearly points out that brain function directly influences What we think, but more importantly, brain function is 100% correlated with How we think.  How we think is usually described, from the mental health perspective, in diagnostic terms:  ADHD, PTSD, Addictions, Depression, Anxiety, etc.  Comprehensive studies in brain function have narrowed most mental health issues down to the healthy or unhealthy chemical/electrical reaction called neurotransmission.

When that reaction is healthy, good mental health occurs.  When neurotransmission is out of balance, mental health degrades.  Traditional medicine has, for decades, tried to correct those imbalances by adding chemicals, psychopharmacologicals that aim to increase or decrease the neurotransmitter reaction.  We all know though that you can add a chemical to one part of the brain, without affecting other parts - e.g. the side effects of almost all medications.

Over 50-years of science involved in listening to the electrical side of the neurotransmission reaction has provided the science of neurofeedback, a form of biofeedback that listens to the brain's electrical activity, identifies where it is out-of-balance, and provides feedback to the brain, typically through the vision and hearing system, that assists the brain in better managing its own electrical system.

We have been using the Brainpaint Automated Neurofeedback Brain-training in the Las Vegas valley since 2015, and have brain-trained over 700 individuals with nearly every imagining mental health issue.  Like the research, we find that nearly everybody benefits from neurofeedback to a great extent, most more then a few.  The research indicates that about 85% of those who do neurofeedback benefit from this science, which by the way is far higher then any medicine applied to these issues.

Most of our clients report their symptoms melting away over the course of their training.  Long term studies indicate that, once we've trained the brain, it maintains its improved performance for years.  We believe that Automated Neurofeedback Brain-training should be the first intervention for most mental health issues, before medications are tried.  Dr. Don has published on Automated Neurofeedback Brain-training as a Primary Intervention for ADHD, PTSD, and Addictions.  Through our parent company, BrainZen, we are spreading the use of brain-training in clinical and non-clinical settings, and for home-users.

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