Dr. Don adopted Neurofeedback Brain-training in his private addictions therapy practice The Las Vegas Addictions Doctor and quickly realized the power this behavioral training method had in improving sobriety, quality of life, and happiness in clients.  For a few years thereafter, Dr. Don and Ariane provided neurofeedback brain-training to several mental health and psychiatric care agencies in the Las Vegas Region.

In 2016, Dr. Don and Ariane launched The Las Vegas Neurofeedback Center.  Since, we have brain-trained over 700 individuals, with a wide variety of mental health brain-dysregulation issues.  We've successfully brain-trained children as young as 2, and adults as old as 94.  The most common issue in children, of course is ADD/ADHD, with Autism a close second, and seizure disorders in third.  A Game Changer for these kids for sure.  For adults, Anxiety, Depression, Addictions, and PTSD are the most common issues, with insomnia, migraines and ADHD making the honorable mentions list.

Neurofeedback Brain-training, in our opinion, which is 100% supported by evidence-based science, is The Game Changer.  We've never seen anything work so effectively, for so many people.  Most of our clients who have been on medications reduce or eliminate them as their brain learns better self-management.

It's also so safe.  In over 50-years of research, the only reported negative side effects are:  a few cases of sleep initial sleep disturbance, followed by significant improvement in sleep function; allergy to the conductive paste used for sensor's pasted at scalp & ears.  Most clients though start to feel improvements within the first 3-5 sessions.  Improvements continue until a plateau is achieved, typically between sessions 20-40.  It's been found that 10-sessions in that plateau locks-in the changes to brain-function.

We've found that the best schedule for brain-training is 2-3 times per week, which means that a standard 30-session training program would be complete in 3-4 months.  But that schedule is based on people's busy lifestyles.  Our experience and research shows that we get equivalent brain-training success in more intensive training cycles, 2 times per day for 15-days.  We do not recommend any less then 2 times per week, as the brain learns much more slowly to manage itself in a once per week training regimen.

As far as we know, The Las Vegas Neurofeedback Center is the lowest-cost brain-training provider in the nation.  Our most popular package of 30-sessions, including evaluation is priced at $2800.  If you find somebody offering a better deal, let us know and we will try to match it.  Dare Ya.  But Wait, There's More ...

BrainZen & The Las Vegas Neurofeedback Center are the corporate sponsors of the Nevada non-profit Brain Health Warriors.  If you would like to get a better deal on Brain-training, And support free brain-training for wounded warriors, make your appointment through the Brain Health Warriors Appointment Button, not the one for LV Neurofeedback.  We don't mind, you get the benefit of The Game Changer, and so do the wounded warriors we brain-train through your support.


Dr. Don