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Neurofeedback and Mental Health Counseling

October 4, 2018

Neurofeedback and Mental Health Counseling Neurofeedback Brain-training is rapidly becoming an essential component of many mental health, psychiatric care, and substance abuse treatment programs.  We are constantly amazed at the results, as our client’s train their brains to produce balanced and self-regulated brain activity.  Starting a Neurofeedback program within an existing mental program doesn’t have […]

Increase Addictions Recovery Potential by 400%

September 20, 2018
Brain Health

I was drawn to Neurofeedback by the demonstrated research that adding Neurofeedback to any treatment program increases sobriety and recovery rates by up to 400%.  That was several years ago, and I’m more convinced, now than ever, that every recovering addict has a better 4 times better chances at being sober, 1-year and 10-years after […]

An Alternative Addiction Paradigm

September 19, 2018
Brain Health

I started in the addictions field over 25 years ago, and from the very beginning recognized that those with addictions, and usually their families as well, has something out-of-wack in their thinking that kept them locked in.  Almost all treatment models recognize that, in the medical model.  Some even recognize, as do I, that something […]

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