An Alternative Addiction Paradigm

I started in the addictions field over 25 years ago, and from the very beginning recognized that those with addictions, and usually their families as well, has something out-of-wack in their thinking that kept them locked in.  Almost all treatment models recognize that, in the medical model.  Some even recognize, as do I, that something is usually out-of-wack in one's spiritual experience that contributes to addiction as well.

Addictions, we have come to find, and I think this applies to some degree to nearly all of us, are rooted in biological, psychological, social, and spiritual imbalances.  While almost all treatment providers recognize this, and this is increasing in the mental health field as well, very few have figured out the right balance leading to success.  I was shocked 25 years ago to find that our "acceptable" success rate is around 35%.  Most treatment facilities at that time, and so many today, don't do much better then 25%.  Honestly, that "success" rate is what has led me to pursue answers.

It took me a while to figure things out.  First I figured out how to help people with the spiritual part of addictive disorders. I usually did pretty good with most people who I've worked with, but the hard part, as anybody familiar with addictions knows, is the biological aspects.  Twelve-step recovery processes largely ignore the biological processes necessary for good recovery, especially regarding good brain health.

I had a several clues along the way.  Early, as a program manager in a U.S. Navy substance abuse clinic, we found, anecdotally, that giving our clients a regimen of neo-natal vitamins seemed to reduce the stress of the first months of sobriety.  More lately, I've collaborated with other health providers on a regimen of IV "Meyer's Drips" in the first month of recovery.  For a while I had several opioid clients come to me for their post ibogaine recovery process.

My big discovery,   finally, was a science that's been out there for at least 40 years now, Neurofeedback.  A colleague invited me into the Neurofeedback world several years ago, and as an academic (I'm a full-time University Professor), I hit the books and read everything I could. First in my own field, addictions, then in the broader mental health field.  Finally, into performance enhancement.  To date, I've helped over 200 individuals train their brains to alleviate symptoms of nearly every brain-wave imbalance issue listed in this website.  I have not had a client complete a regimen of treatment that has not improved drastically.

I am so convinced of the power of neurofeedback that I will no longer treat individuals with addictions without including a regimen of Neurofeedback Brain-Training.  It's that important, and that effective.

The clients I've worked with have convinced me as well.  Individual after individual, young to old, experience transformative reduction in the symptoms of their brain-wave imbalances, and restoration of life function, skill, and most importantly, happiness.

I am privileged to have come to understand the biological, psychological, social, and spiritual dimensions of recovery from multiple perspectives.  Professionally, I've been in the addictions and mental health field since 1997, where I was the program manager of a U.S. Navy substance abuse clinic in Sicily, Italy.  Since 2002 I have been in private practice in this field, and teaching addictions, counseling, and mental health courses at the higher education level.

Over 20 years ago, I recognized that our treatment outcomes, 25-35% success rates, in the addictions field, have been abysmal.  It wasn't until I discovered EEG Biofeedback, aka Neurofeedback brain-training several years ago that I began to see real success in my clients, and in the broader substance abuse treatment field.  Our success in working with clients, both with addictions and with a broad range of other mental health issues, has been phenomenal, mirroring the great success seen in the scientified literature regarding neurofeedback.  Typically, we see 85% of individuals respond well to neurofeedback, getting relief of 80% or more of their presenting symptoms within 30-50 sessions.

Our Brain-Rehab approach to restoring mental wellness is safe, effective, efficient, and affordable.  We find that Neurofeedback  Brain-Training and good nutraceutical supplements gets the brain operating like a well-tuned machine.  Train Your Brain ... Change Your Life


Dr. Don

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